Twilight Voices

by William Allingham

Now, at the hour when ignorant mortals
Drowse in the shade of their whirling sphere,
Heaven and Hell from invisible portals
Breathing comfort and ghastly fear,
Voices I hear;
I hear strange voices, flitting, calling,
Wavering by on the dusky blast, –
“Come, let us go, for the night is falling;
Come, let us go, for the day is past!”

Troops of joys are they, now departed?
Wingèd hopes that no longer stay?
Guardian spirits grown weary-hearted?
Powers that have linger’d their latest day?
What do they say?
What do they sing? I hear them calling,
Whispering, gathering, flying fast, –
“Come, come, for the night is falling;
Come, come, for the day is past!”

Sing they to me? – “Thy taper’s wasted;
Mortal, thy sands of life run low;
Thine hours like a flock of birds have hasted;
Time is ending; – we go! we go!”
Sing they so?
Mystical voices, floating, calling;
Dim farewells – the last, the last? –
“Come, come away, the night is falling;
Come, come away, the day is past!”

See, I am ready, Twilight Voices;
Child of the spirit-world am I;
How should I fear you? my soul rejoices.
O speak plainer! O draw nigh!
Fain would I fly!
Tell me your message, Ye who are calling
Out of the dimness vague and vast? –
Lift me, take me, – the night is falling;
Quick, let us go, – the day is past!